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Digital assests investing workshop recording

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Digital assests investing workshop recording

Shlomo Freund
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So, around May 2020 I started looking into buying a website that is already making money as an investment.

The plan was to recognize where I can improve it, buy it, and sell it after a certain period of time. This is essentially flipping digital assets investment.

It can act as an investment with minimum work, so you can hold this asset OR ,like I chose, to flip it. It took me a long time to managed to find the right website for me.

So, I’m a proud owner of 2 websites that makes 1300-1500 USD a month (and plan to grow it).

This is a recording of a workshop I did teaching the basics of these investments. It took me a long time figuring this all out:

– What to look for

– What are the opportunities out there

– What are the risks

And most important does it fit me and MY skills and risk tolerance.

So, to cut you the learning curve, you can start with this workshop and explaining this all. 

I’ll present the platform I used, what parameters I looked for to recognize a website worth investing in, and unlocked a live listing. 


The cost for this workshop recording is $29 USD. 

This workshop is free for the members of “The Free Financials”, my financial coaching group.  So there is also an option to join the coaching group starting at 39 USD / month.

​Click here for all the details about the financial coaching group and how to join

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