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Online course : How to achieve the perfect life-finance balance for remote workers

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Would you like to know how much you need to SAVE, INVEST and in which asset to reach your perfect desired lifestyle?

Would you like to have a plan for this, so you'd know what you need to do EVERY MONTH for the next 20-30 years?

Welcome to my online course, where I put together my knowledge in a single body of work. 

Over the last 5 years, thousands of people learned about the roadmap I created to achieve the perfect life-finance balance for yourself. I did it through, public speaking, 1-on-1 clients, and my online coaching group.


  • Around ~3-4 hrs of your time to complete the workshop


  • 15 short videos, which include 4 modules of my roadmap, and a walk-through of the exercises. These are ~53 mins in total, and I'll be adding more.
  • 2 Exercises - to develop the perfect lifestyle for yourself and transform this into a money/lifestyle plan.
  • 2 spreadsheets - The help you put your plan together.

Here's what some of the original participants said after working with me:

  - After working together with Shlomo I transformed into a more structured and data-driven financial man -

Michael Michelini, Shenzen, China

- Shlomo knows how to work with the most challenged of us to create strategies that work -

Josh Steimle, Utah, USA / Shenzen, China

- His approach identified several flaws in my own financial planning and provided a necessary course correction -

Michael P. Toothman, Los Angeles, USA

- We went from complete chaos to actual confidence in our future finances -

Daniel Khonold, Tianjin, China

- Armed with the Two Budgets Shlomo and I Made Together, I Was Able to Keep Myself on Track -

Greg Curtin, Atlanta, Georgia

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Access to my online course via a series of videos + exercises + spreadsheets

~53 minutes
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Online course : How to achieve the perfect life-finance balance for remote workers

0 ratings
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