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Workshop: Stock investing 101 - Buy your first stock/ETF

Shlomo Freund
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What's holding you back from trading your first stock? What part are you missing to make the move and invest in the stock market? 

Is it the fear of loosing money? Lack of knowledge? 

I got the best response for this workshop from "The Free Financials".  I asked THEM what they needed. So, I know there is a need for such a workshop.

What will you learn in this workshop?

This workshop is all about the basics of stock trading. 

My thinking is: What someone who knows absolutely nothing about the stock market would need to know to make the first trade. 

This workshop is intended to be 'hands on'. 

There will be some theory, but for the most part we will be spending time on a trading platform learn what to look at when trading and...making a trade (Buy or sell a stock). 

Here is an outline:

  • What’s a stock?
  • How do stocks behave?
  • Types of trading
  • Making and actual trade
  • Question time
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Workshop: Stock investing 101 - Buy your first stock/ETF

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